See Tim Ballard and his team from Operation Underground Railroad liberate kids across the world. The war to rescue children has just begun.
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Traffickers Arrested
Children Rescued



On December 10th, 2013 Special Agent Tim Ballard turned in his Homeland Security badge and resigned from his employment with the United States government. He had spent over a decade rescuing children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas. Though his job was difficult, he was proud that his country was one of very few in the world who was actually doing anything about this problem. However, mired in red tape and bureaucracy, Tim left to begin saving the children that he saw falling out of the purview of the US government. These children constitute over 90% of the children lost to child sex slavery and he could do nothing to help them while in the employment of the US government.

This is a story about the lost children and the recue team’s exploits as they investigate and liberate enslaved children from around the world.

Visit the O.U.R. website www.ourrescue.org O.U.R. Logo


Thousands of hours of footage have been captured in our journey and every moment is packaged and provided for local law enforcement for the trafficker’s prosecution.

Because of this, no child rescued has ever had to take the stand and testify against their captors.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing international crime.
The average cost for a child for an entire night is $300. If the child is a virgin the price is raised to $1000.
The average age a child is first trafficked in America is 13 years old.


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Meet The Abolitionists

Gerald R. Molen

Mr. Molen is the Academy Award winning producer of Schindler’s List and producer of other hit titles such as Jurassic Park and Minority Report. Mr. Molen broke into the film business in 1957 at Republic Studios then moved to Universal Studios in 1967 to work on Bound for Glory, Coming Home, Being There, Ordinary People, and Absence of Malice.

As Head of Production at Amblin he served as Executive Producer on The Flinstones, Little Rascals, Casper, Little Giants, and Twister, among others. He has appeared in front of the camera in Rain Man, Days of Thunder, Jurassic Park, and Amistad.

Mr. Molen holds an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts degree from the University of Montana and an honorary Doctorate of Visual and Performing Arts from Southern Utah University.

Chet Thomas

Before becoming a producing partner with Gerald Molen at WhiteLight Entertainment, Mr. Thomas worked with him on Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report. Prior to that, he worked at DreamWorks for several years, where he first served in the story department, collaborating on such projects as Amistad, Deep Impact and Saving Private Ryan. He quickly moved to feature development, where he played an active role in Meet the Parents, Mouse Hunt, Road to Perdition, Small Soldiers and several other films.

Most recently, Mr. Thomas produced the film TAKE, starring Academy Award®-nominated actors Minnie Driver and Jeremy Renner, which has won many ‘Best of’ categories in festivals around the country. He is also a producer on the film The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, scheduled for Christmas 2015 release by Walden Media.

This is Mr. Thomas’s feature directorial debut. You can learn more about his projects at You can learn more about his projects at www.fletchet.com.

Darrin Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher began his film career in high school as a layout artist for XAM Animation Studio, creating layouts for Saturday morning cartoons Spiderman and The Transformers. There he become very familiar with storyboards and telling stories through pictures. He was soon offered a job at Walt Disney Animation Studios but turned it down to follow his long-time dream of live-action filmmaking.

Since that time, Mr. Fletcher has worked as a storyboard artist on more than 65 feature films, including The World’s Fastest Indian, Sandlot, High School Musical 3 and A Life Less Ordinary. He has boarded hundreds of international commercials including the popular Foundation For A Better Life campaigns. He has also had extensive experience with large format IMAX® productions such as, Mysteries of Egypt, Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure and The Witness. Television has also been an large part of Mr. Fletcher’s career, visualizing and storyboarding dozens of various pilots and television series, including Charmed, Touched by an Angel, 7 Days, Extreme Rescue, Crossroads and Everwood.

This is Mr. Fletcher’s feature directorial debut. You can learn more about his projects at www.fletchet.com.

Tim Ballard

Timothy Ballard is the Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). He also serves as O.U.R.’s Jump Team Commander for rescue operations. Ballard began his career at the Central Intelligence Agency where he worked cases dealing with terrorism and Latin America. He has spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. He has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings. Ballard has worked undercover in the United States and in multiple foreign countries to infiltrate child trafficking organizations. In this effort he has successfully dismantled dozens of these organizations and rescued countless children from sex slavery. He is an expert at managing Internet investigations, particularly those dealing with file-share networks where pedophiles and traffickers go to trade in child pornography. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers at home and abroad in best practices to liberate children from sex slavery. You can learn more about Tim and O.U.R. at www.ourrescue.org.

Todd G. Tueller

Todd Tueller is one of the original founders and volunteer board members of OUR. He is also currently serving as the CEO of Fletchet Entertainment. Mr. Tueller brings a unique skillset of over thirty years of business leadership, including driving three global multi-billion dollar businesses and working with many of the world’s largest companies and their executives. His personal commitment, along with his wife Ti any, is to rescue two million children by continuing to support OUR and by inviting people around the globe to join the journey to liberate children from sex slavery and abolish this heinous crime.

Ross S Sheldon

Mr. Sheldon has an extensive background in high-level finance, including: structuring complex deals; marketing; public relations; building strategic businesses; marketing alliances for motion picture luminaries, such as Lord Richard Attenborough. Mr. Sheldon has also raised capital for motion pictures, including: Phobia, directed by John Huston; Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins;  the Academy Award Nomination for Best Picture,The Thin Red Line; as well as, providing the strategy and introductions that resulted in $500 million dollars for the production of multiple motion pictures.


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